Wendy Clayton, Designer at Babel's Canton

Wendy Clayton

Wendy’s lifelong interest in color and visual expression has led her to many schools of thought and design. She has studied graphic design at Massachusetts College of Art and the Portland School of Art in Maine.

She lived in Europe for a number of years pursuing an interest in fashion design at the Paris American Academy in France. Clothes-making would later evolve into two dimensional artwork represented by fourteen galleries in the United States.

She would later study interior design at Massachusetts Bay Community College in Wellesley and become a certified Feng Shui practitioner. Inspired by past influences and experiences, she loves to work with clients on color, energy, and furniture placement to allow for harmonious and functional spaces that work.


Wendy Clayton
Color Consultation & Designer
In-Store and On-Site
Based in Canton

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Advice for Homeowners

Tip for Homeowners: Establish a color palette that works for you. There are no bad colors, just bad color relationships. Consider all the elements in the big picture; tile, flooring, metals, fixtures, and lighting.

Where to save money: Look around your home for existing pieces that give you the opportunity to reupholster or repurpose. Use pieces that resonate and personalize a space, these also make for good Feng Shui.

Where to spend money: Good furniture, good fabric, and artwork. Find beautiful things that last.

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More About Wendy Clayton

Favorite Restaurant: Alicante in Mendon MA

Hobbies/Interests: Painting, Feng Shui and biking

Favorite style: Eclectic

Particular job that stands out: A home in Falmouth, MA. We applied a new color palette, reconfigured furniture and added a dose of Feng Shui to help the homeowner find a partner. Happy to report that she met a man and is now happily married. A great example of Feng Shui supporting our intentions!

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